05 August 2020

STRANGE FISH wins award

Best Drawing Award 
in Spain 

20 July 2020

EDGE in Open World

EDGE will screen in 
in Allentown, Pennsylvania 
this July 

16 July 2020


ANONYMOUS will screen in 
in Canada, this September 

14 July 2020

EDGE in Cyprus

EDGE will screen in 
this August 

13 July 2020

EDGE in Animation Block Party

EDGE will screen in 
Brooklyn, NY 
this August 

10 July 2020

EDGE in Fantoche

EDGE will screen in 
Hors Concours 2020 
in Baden, Switzerland in September 

30 June 2020

ANONYMOUS in Animator

ANONYMOUS will screen in 
Animator Festival in Poznan, Poland 
this October 

23 June 2020


PIG will screen in 
this June 

11 June 2020

29 May 2020

PIG in Hideout

PIG is screening in 
Hideout Shorts Livestream 
curated by Kathleen Judge 
on May 22 & June 9 

04 May 2020


STRANGE FISH will screen in the 
in Paris, France this month 

30 April 2020

EDGE in Fest Anca

EDGE will screen in 
Fest Anca in Slovakia 
this August 

14 March 2020

BALLERINA in Phoenix

BALLERINA screened in 
in Phoenix, Arizona in February 

01 March 2020

EDGE in Monstra Lisbon

EDGE will screen at 
in Portugal, this March 

26 February 2020

PIG & LITTLE GIRL in Venezuela

will screen at the 
 Festival de Cine Entre Largos y Cortos de Oriente 
in Venezuela this March 

BALLERINA in Animocje

BALLERINA will screen in 
in Bydgoszcz, Poland this April 

22 February 2020

STRANGE FISH in New England

STRANGE FISH will screen at 
Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA
the Hera Gallery in Wakefield, RI
this March 

18 February 2020


EDGE will screen in 
in Berkeley, this March 

17 February 2020

Edge in Toronto

EDGE will screen in 
in Canada, this March 

16 February 2020

EDGE in Animac

EDGE will screen in 
this February in Lleida, Spain 

01 February 2020

BALLERINA wins award

BALLERINA wins award for 
Best Experimental 
in Barcelona

20 January 2020

08 January 2020

Strange Fish in Jamestown

will screen in RIIA Shorts 2020 
at the Jamestown Arts Center in Rhode Island
Feb. 6, 2020 

01 January 2020

new film from Steven Subotnick

New film from Steven Subotnick



23 November 2019


BALLERINA will screen in the 
MiniFICA competition in the 
in Aguilar de CampĆ³o, Palencia, Spain 
this December 

08 October 2019

EDGE at Animasivo

EDGE will screen in 
in Mexico City, Mexico 
this November 

06 September 2019

EDGE in Viborg

EDGE will screen in the 
in Denmark this September

04 August 2019

14 July 2019

EDGE in Ottawa

EDGE will screen in 
this September 

07 July 2019

EDGE in Russia

EDGE will screen in 
in the Russian countryside
this July 

01 July 2019


BALLERINA will screen in  
this July in Salamiou, Cyprus