24 May 2017

LITTLE GIRL in Bicycle Festival

LITTLE GIRL will screen in the 
in New York this June 

21 May 2017

FIGHT in Stockholm

FIGHT will show at the 
in Stockholm, Sweden this August 

18 May 2017

LITTLE GIRL in Australia

LITTLE GIRL will screen at the 
in Australia this June 

10 May 2017

LITTLE GIRL in Estonia

LITTLE GIRL will screen in 
in Tallinn, Estonia this June 

29 April 2017


STRANGE FISH will screen 
in Grand Panorama at Animafest Zagreb 
in Croatia this June 

26 April 2017


LITTLE GIRL will screen at 
Anima Mundi this July 
in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro 

14 April 2017

PIG in Cadiz

PIG will screen at the 
in Cadiz, Spain this April

13 April 2017

DANDELION in Pompidou Centre's, "Mon Oeil"

DANDELION will screen in "Mon Oeil"
a web series of the Centre Pompidou in Paris 
that presents contemporary art to children 

08 April 2017

Subotnick receives Guggenheim Fellowship

Steven Subotnick has received a  

28 March 2017

15 March 2017

10 March 2017

PIG in Mexico

PIG will screen in the 
in Metepec, Mexico this March/April 

17 February 2017

TWO in curated show at Monstra Lisbon

TWO will screen in a show 
curated by Vera Neubauer 
this March

12 February 2017


STRANGE FISH will screen at the 
in Utrecht, The Netherlands this March 

08 February 2017


Friday, March 17 at 8PM
showing with "A Magic Lantern Life", by Marcin Gizycki and Peter O'Neill

25 January 2017


will screen in the GLAS Festival 
this March 2-5 

11 January 2017

PIG in Animacam

PIG will screen in 
from 10 - 23 January 2017

this is a competition with online voting, 
so if you would like to vote, you can do so HERE

01 January 2017

new film from Steven Subotnick

2017, 3:45, color, sound, video 


the blindness of evolution

09 December 2016

LINE in Best of Punto y Raya 2016

LINE will screen in 
screening programme 

06 November 2016

PIG in Peru

PIG will screen in the 
in Cusco, Peru this November 

03 November 2016


PIG will screen in the 
in Calgary, Canada this November 

19 October 2016

PIG in Barcelona

PIG will screen at 
in Barcelona, Spain this November 

13 October 2016

PIG in Provence

PIG will screen at 
in Aix-en-Provence, France 
this November/December 

07 October 2016

PIG in London

PIG will screen at the 
this December 

10 September 2016

LINE in Punto y Raya

LINE will screen in 
Punto y Raya Festival October 20-23
at ZKM Centre for Culture and Media Technology
in Karlsruhe, Germany

30 August 2016

PIG in Wales

PIG will screen at the Oriel Davies Gallery in Wales 
this Sept/Oct as part of AnimateProjects 
Parts & Labour Exhibition


24 August 2016

PIG at Anima Mundi

PIG will screen at 
Anima Mundi International Animation Festival 
in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo 
this October and November


17 August 2016

PIG in Taiwan

PIG will screen at the 
Taichung International Animation Festival 
in Taichung, Taiwan this October 
as part of the Best of Ottawa 2015 touring program 


16 August 2016

PIG in South Korea

PIG will screen at the 
Bucheon International Animation Festival 
in South Korea this October 


02 August 2016

LITTLE GIRL at Videomedeja

LITTLE GIRL will screen at 
Videomedeja International Video Festival 
this October in Novi Sad, Serbia