Devils Book

Devil's Book

Hell as a physical object - the devil's ledger book - with each entry a damned soul.  The film is made from a combination of gestural abstractions, etchings, collages, and photographs.  Inspired by a short story by Isaac Peretz, Neilah in Gehenna.

production, direction, animation by Steven Subotnick
with music by Joan LaBarbara
1994, 5:00, color, sound, 35MM, 16MM, video

Selected Screenings: 
1999  "Art and Animation" Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK
1998  "Avant-Garde Animators" Holland Animation Festival, Utrecht, Holland
1995  Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia
1995  Festival Internacional de Cinema, Figuiera da Foz, Portugal
1996  "Fine Art Animation" International Animation Festival, Hiroshima, Japan
1996  "Visual Music" Stuttgart International Animation Festival, Stuttgart, Germany
1996  PBS "Image Union" showcase of independent cinema, WTTW, Chicago, IL

1994  DOUG HAYNES AWARD,  Onion City Film Festival, Chicago, IL
1994  JUROR’S CITATION, Black Maria Film & Video Festival, Jersey City, NJ
1994  FilmFest Dresden, Dresden, Germany
1994  FilmFest Zeeland, Zeeland, Holland
1994  Sinking Creek Film & Video Competition, Nashville, TN
1994  Holland Animation Festival, Utrecht, Holland
1994  New York Expo of Short Film, New York, NY
1994  Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Hiroshima, Japan